BarCamp Vancouver

Elastic Path's Linda Bustos interviews Ma.gnolia's Todd Sieling about Twitter
Todd presented at BarCamp on using the service to keep people interested in your company up to date on what's going, as well as having a conversation about feedback for your company.
Signing in at BarCamp Vancouver

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Rebecca's been liveblogging BarCamp Vancouver
Lots of links to the people she's heard speak and the topics covered in the sessions she's attended.
A report on BarCamp Vancouver
You can see me workin' it during my session on the second page. (Not only is my company misspelled, but so is its URL.)

"Introverts and Social Software": How My BarCamp Session Went

My 'Social Software for Introverts' Questions

Although it doesn't not seem to be getting any traction (zero comments on my two articles and zero inbound links, and only one mention that I could find, on Kate's weblog), I persisted by going through with a half-an-hour session at BarCamp Vancouver on Saturday about introverts and social software. Nobody took notes, which is fine, I only wanted to ask the question I had written about previously. Six or seven people showed up (depending on whether you consider whether an 8-week-old-baby can attend a session), which was more than the one I expected. At the end, I pointed out my catch-phrase, "my weblog is my social software" (I'm dropping the "networking" since everybody else seems to be), and how through blogging, which is higher-threshold than adding someone as a 'friend' on an external website, I've met far far more people than I imagined possible. I probably wouldn't have been friends with Sacha Peter, whom I finally met the night before after however-many-years it's been, and the guy lives in a suburb of the same city I live in a suburb of!

When we were asked to introduce our sessions at the beginning of BarCamp, someone made a clever joke about shyness/introversion. Something about how I'd be reserved in introducing it (I'm getting it wrong, it as more than a day ago). I actually really enjoy public speaking and wish I could do more of it. I'm looking forward to seeing the photo of Sacha, who self-identifies as an introvert, but who is also a good public speaker and who also seemed to relish the opportunity to talk about something he was deeply interested in, i.e. prediction markets.

My session, just like the others, was only 30 minutes, but it gave me more context and more to think about if people are interested in helping answer the questions I posted on the board (copied below, since search engines can't read my writing), if they haven't already been answered somewhere already.

Social Software for Introverts

  • who does Web 2.0 leave out, if anybody?
  • how do we build meaningful sustained relationships using social tools?
  • encouraging meeting in person using the Web

I clearly forgot that my articles had "Introverts and Social Software", not "Social Software for Introverts", the latter assuming I wanted to build such a thing for shy people, instead of just trying to understand whether and how introverts really use it effectively. And whether they can.

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If I affixed one, I would have put on the one for "not single but still interesting".

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Vancouver Open Business News

I didn't attend the session, but did visit the Vancouver Open Business website after BarCamp.

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