Inattention Data: Requesting a Skipped Items Feature for Google Reader

After months of fidelity to NetNewsWire, the excellent news reader for the Mac, I'm switching back to Google Reader. The reasons for getting drawn back include peer pressure (everybody's doing it) and the social features (the 'Share' button beneath every item), as well as not requiring a manual refresh. The automated refresh makes it harder to reflect, but that's what leaving your computer at work is for.

As Fickle as Renée Zellweger's Wedding Vows

Steven Levy: “there's a problem in the workplace when the interruptions intrude on tasks that require real concentration or quiet reflection. And there's an even bigger problem when our bubble of connectedness stretches to ensnare us no matter where we are.

A Very Humanist Statement

quinn: “I think that “attention is infinite” statement needs a little more unpacking. I do think it is infinite in the sense that it is within everyone’s grasp, in principle, to pay attention to as many topics and areas of life as do exist.