What is Vancouverism?
Darren Barefoot finds some links, embedding a 10-minute video on the subject, which features interviews from Helena Grdadolnik, Lance Berelowitz, Trevor Boddy, Sherry Mckay, Larry Beasley and others.
Alain de Botton hates Vancouver's "condominium plague"
A wide-ranging interview, despite the headline, de Botton talks about architecture generally, with specific reverence for Amsterdam.
Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver are creating strategies to encourage the development of modest, more affordable houses
"All three are wrestling with the problem of affordable housing and have begun to encourage, or at least allow, the construction of well-designed small houses."

Cameos In Our Canon

Adele Weder: “It makes no sense to shout out that Canada has a distinctly great culture, while at the same time, putting disproportionate emphasis on studies or success in a foreign land. And it's downright weird that some of Canadian's best home-grown architects who still live and work here, such as Toronto architect and Prix de Rome recipient John Shnier, don't rate a mention, while longtime United States residents Couture and Gehry get heaps of it. It's a media quirk: if you're a famous American who happened to grow up in Canada, you will be our most prized honorary Canadian till the end of your days. This just shows how the media are selling our talent short. They haven't noticed that in every major artistic field, including architecture, there are so many home-grown stars who have stayed here that we no longer need to call back naturalized Americans for cameo appearances in our canon.”

Navigating the Chinese bureaucracy in getting large construction projects
China commissioned Western firms to build controversial structures like the birds nest stadium and CCTV's new building.

The Vancouver Special She Moved Into and Renovated

Darren Barefoot points to two articles on Vancouver Specials (I link to some photos I took a few weeks ago): one from The Georgia Straight and another from Canadian Architect. Both articles rely heavily on quotes from Stephanie Robb, a Vancouver designer. Searching for "stephanie robb" vancouver comes up with references to SweaterLodge, evidently “a multi-media exhibition that provides a portrait of Vancouver, where the veneration of nature and the density of urban culture often overlap in surprising and meaningful ways.” The website for her design studio, Pechet and Robb, has information and photos of the Lakewood Residence, the Vancouver Special she moved into and renovated. The skylight in the washroom is beautiful.

Slideshow showing and describing 10 of China's architectural wonders.
Includes the CCTV building, Shanghai World Financial Center, Dongtan Eco City, and Donghai Bridge.