SkyTrain Explorer Chapter 9: Joyce-Collingwood Station

An Amazing Array of Stones

John Atkin in SkyTrain Explorer describes this house on the 3400 block of Euclid Ave. in Vancouver: "the owner has embellished the facade of the house with an amazing array of stones and created a unique arrangement of decoration for the balcony. Neat."

BC Hydro Substation on 5400 Block of Joyce Ave.

Used to power the trolley system in Vancouver, according to John Atkin in SkyTrain Explorer

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Collingwood Neighbourhood School

From SkyTrain Explorer: "The walk back to the SkyTrain station [from Joyce and Euclid] is through the recent developments of Collingwood Village which has brought a new vitality to the neighbourhood. It's a bit of a contrast to the 1909 description of the Collingwood East area that noted 'the country generally is undulating, the soil rich and scenery thoroughly British Columbian...the population is of about a thousand of the most prosperous and enterprising people to be found in the province.'"