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My first experience on ACQUIA Cohesion
Reality TV Is No Longer a Form of Escapism
[uncleweed] @sillygwailo Sourdough, beards, hats, puzzles, arts n crafts all took erstwhile step forward - which suits me just…
[padraiccassidy] @alexbozikovic Brilliant. A whole book of False Renders and Opaque Glass is overdue.
[UnnecessaryFan] @dailysimpsons @markk1914 @dangreaney @thatbilloakley @Joshstrangehill Homer's reaction to Milhouse being the dud i…
[Amywalshharris] Crossing At Queen and Spadina. 12"/24". Oil on canvas. I remember wandering around downtown taking photos one cri…
[Leupp] @LordElend @dailysimpsons @thatbilloakley @Joshstrangehill @SmashingPumpkin @cypresshill @thesonicyouth…
[Ivan_M82] @dailysimpsons @thatbilloakley @Joshstrangehill @SmashingPumpkin @cypresshill @thesonicyouth @peterframpton
[dailysimpsons] Courtney Love was wanted specifically for one joke which would be in an exchange between her and Homer: Love: Hi H…
[eaton] nobody cares about structured content
[brentsimmons] @emiliopavia @chriseidhof Feedly syncing will be included in NetNewsWire 5.1 for Mac. 👍
On Strava, or The Things You Love Should Love You Back
[logoninternet] 🙏
[MCoeckelbergh] My piece on ethics of corona apps in Der Standard
[maxhawkins] Is there a Strunk & White of writing enjoyable to read email prose? Some people I correspond with over email have a…
[dlbno] Today
[JordanJamming] Jumpman - Future & Drake
[remembertron] Hey, I remember fireworks. I don't know.
[CraigSJ] This shutdown saga is exposing who's never been told "no" in their life.
She’s Not There
She’s Not There: Absent Agency in Video Games
Maps will detail impact of sea level rise on Valley coastline
Not Mandarin
RSS: I Never Left
Spotify is a Prison for Podcasts
The Base Ball Guides
[JodiesJumpsuit] The traditional Victoria Day weather is grey, cold, rainy and miserable and this year is thankfully no different
[awesome] idk dude. i’m about to start week 10 of ergonomic hell in a dusty, tiny apartment w/ a dining room table for a desk…
[nealjennings] I miss people. 😕
[russbengtson] "It became personal with me." —Michael Jordan about literally anything