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[urbanphoto_blog] Where and how can free transit work? Precedents are usually cities (Tallinn, Chapel Hill) where service is also imp…

[Sean_YYZ] The new passage to Hudson’s Bay from the Eaton Centre over Queen Street is great.

[Planta] I've already sent two Christmas cards to sick children who've sought them online. If you come across any other requ…

[PortmanDoe] Kit and I are out running errands together and I love it because every minute with her is like the best date I’ve e…

[cbcian] Is she staring at me? Looking away? My co-host, always present, even on the way to work.

[MetroManTO] @normsworld I’ve been there for lunch and dinner three times since it started. Had to wait to get a table each time.

[MetroManTO] You can practically throw a bowling ball down King Street. Not a soul around on this dead street. 🙄…

[MetroManTO] Business on King Street is suffering. 🙄#KingStreetDisaster #KingStreetPilot

[MetroManTO] #KingStreetPilot is a ghost town. 🙄

[MetroManTO] So much for the #KingStreetPilot Every car is going illegally straight through the intersection. Not a cop in sight…

[Lesley_NOPE] You can crawl into my narrow space anytime John #DFFDieHard

[Lesley_NOPE] "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..." #DFFDieHard

[Lesley_NOPE] Let’s do this motherfuckers

Whales Getting Drunk Adult Coloring Book with Crayons by spooksvilla

[shawnmicallef] King St pilot project tree - festive & creates new public realm - gift of the magi 11/10

[Lesley_NOPE] She’s got that fresh faced look

[karenkho] no one told me moving to America would involve daily doses of deep, existential dread along with my access to Trader Joe's

[Sean_YYZ] The second Sam The Record Man disc going up on the top of 277 Victoria Street tonight.

[MarcDFowler] I stopped going to Portland Variety ages ago for unrelated reasons, but I'm glad I made the right choice.

[chenoehart] “automated checkouts have shut down what might be some people’s only chance to talk to someone during the day.”

[Sean_YYZ] I really think this sign belonged in Dundas Square itself, instead of all those new ad screens put in. These signs…

[joshtpm] Tuesday's gonna suck for Trump.

[jbcurio] With the Sam the Record Man sign returning to public view in Yonge-Dundas Square, here's a story I wrote about its…

[Lesley_NOPE] A Classic Beauty

[jasontjays] @SoberJaysFan No.... remember? He cleared that up saying he gave someone he barely knows a blank cheque for a basketball bet.

[livinggrateful3] @joshtpm Oh honey, every female you know!


[Lesley_NOPE] Still kicking. Toronto styles.

[Sean_YYZ] Nice to see enforcement of the #KingStreetPilot tonight!

[heyrickie] I totally gamed the questions until I got Iceland. Go #ISL!