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[sonyaellenmann] @non_computable this sounds cooler and way more esoteric than what I was actually doing, which was chewing out guys…

Bicycling to work January 17, 2018 180117_080237

[ronmknox] 1. Hello. Let me tell you the story of an antitrust fight between Ticketmaster and Songkick, two of the only concer…

[Lesley_NOPE] Slept from 9pm-6am last night!

[DenimAndSteel] @MelissaDeGenova Count us in for supporting the Cambie bike lane! Our staff often cycle to work and love the safety…

[davidpleonard] Snowglobe city. #dlws

[bgreenlee] Continually impressed by the responsiveness & knowledge of @digitalocean support.

[shawnmicallef] In the 90s we were obsessed with crypto currency but it was called AOL-coin.

[theJagmeetSingh] She said yes💍

Back to the Bridge~ Liberals Suppressed Report on Twinning the Massey Tunnel

[shawnmicallef] Never forget. 🐤

[dbarefoot] Fun concept for a column: partners deconstruct that one fight they always have:

cycling to work tue january 16, 2018 180116_075959

[Lesley_NOPE] Love my characature!

[djun_kim] Coca Cola has a new typeface, available in the following weights: zero, extra light, light, obese, and morbidly obese.

[Lesley_NOPE] This is a thing. And I will be inside it soon.

[shawnmicallef] St James town. Could nearly ski all the way home.

[GlitchLogos] baseball™

[amye] Dinner, post-oven.

[amye] Still life of dinner, before oven.

Going “Serverless”

Kickstart Your Resolutions with OmniFocus and a Brain Dump

[lithohedron] One of the perennial questions of the Canadian coder: do I hew to Canadian spelling in my code? Each line asserts…

[patrickc] Why can’t you easily search all of the text you read on any screen (desktop + mobile) over the past day? It’s stra…

[dethe] @skeskali Remind me to tell you the story of how I tried to get Maya Angelou to sign my jacket

[rcousine] Moons or bananas?

Whales Getting Drunk Adult Coloring Book with Crayons by spooksvilla

[everickert] @skeskali I buy the hard copy anyway, at the place holding the signing, to support both the author and the venue as…

[Lesley_NOPE] @sillygwailo Well there aren’t many payphones around anymore!

[SnarkySteff] Here’s tonight’s jaw-dropper sunset. Mekong River, looking toward Laos. Went from a cloudy afternoon to “whoa.” Eve…