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[c_9] I went on a teeny tiny airplane today. #teeny #tiny #VisionAero

Third Time Lucky (with Real Estate) or Tom Vu Had It Right Afterall

[maxhawkins] Why not have a randomly selected congress?

[pt] Introducing the concept of OKRs to my kids. A big organizational goal this quarter is smoother bedtimes, so we’re aligning to this.

[carnivorous8008] Venison lasagna, kind of a tradition when I'm visiting family. Turned out okay 🙂 Gotta oil that cutting board, jfc

[Planta] I want to do a roundup of political podcasts in BC and/or Vancouver, so I can catch up this summer when I'm on brea…

[sonyaellenmann] @sillygwailo you are 100% a cannibal, I know your game!

[ReneeStephen] Managers everywhere: "huh, sure am getting a lot of vacation requests for the end of October suddenly. Weird."

[phirephoenix] I’m so glad to be back in Toronto.

[ReneeStephen] @sillygwailo I thought you mean the musical and I was SUPER EXCITED and then realized you mean Ontario... Which is... *a* Hamilton...

On Airline Mapping | somethingaboutmaps

Iceland – 2018

[bookoutapp] Wooo🎉🎉🎉 huge congrats! We all know where this is going. You can’t stop now. Next stop 100 🤔

[bmann] @Stv yes! For another day. Architecture! Transit! Museums & galleries!

[bmann] @Stv I have everything in gCal so Calendly gets it all from one account. Feels like a good SMB option for people who are iOS native.

[maxhawkins] 🚀 Launching now: Your Boss for iOS 🚀 Your Boss is a peer-to-peer accountability network; a boss for people who do…

[SnarkySteff] Had “nothing to eat” and then realized I had all I needed for breakfast for dinner — milk about to sour, vinegar, o…

[rtanglao] @IanKing @sillygwailo i know you can take great photos richard with or without a course! and i'm confident you can…

With residents from all 32 World Cup countries, Toronto cheers on the world

[Newbornstranger] Tinder, but for finding people to talk to for the 6 minutes your friend leaves you alone in public

[smuncky] Details like this make me happy.

[ICCTtweets] The one and only Icelandic superstar @LVOP performs on the guitar for our summer picnic.

[ICCTtweets] We are having a picnic to celebrate Iceland’s National Day!

[ICCTtweets] Torontonians of Icelandic descent are mentioned in an article about Workd Cup fans in The Star today:

[MrSteveTweedale] Democracy isn't just about counting up the votes, it's about reasoning together. Join me on June 30th to talk about…

[IanKing] @sillygwailo The only logical, moral, and responsible direction is to wear them like a motherfucker, live it all ou…

[shawnmicallef] Southern Ontario Gothic

[simplic10] @sonyaellenmann @vgr She thinks the dynamic here is teacher/student, he thinks it's peer/peer. Common mismatch @St_Rev made me notice.

How the “lukewarm” zone between extremes is used as an excuse for not providing support to people…

[waffletrapper] Championship views. #MarliesLive