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[yumcoconutmilk] Bonus points if you borrow a baby to put on your hip and cry “daddy!”
[skinnylatte] I was glad to have stumbled into @EnvelopSound. New blog post about going to music things in San Francisco
[korfuboltakvold] The Icelandic basketball league sends our condolences to the Bryant family and the world of sport at large.💜💛#mamba
[oldTOseries] Yonge and Dundas in 1985. credit: @TorontoArchives
Photo Backup for Geeks, iOS and S3 Revisited
[CulRMartin] @joshtpm Funny. Breaking Bad is running in a binge fashion on AMC right now. As Jesse Pinkman said to Mr. White:…
[BenRossTransit] NY Times writer lays it on the line about city historic districts
[architecturehub] Toronto, Canada
[megfenway] @PeterAkman It wasnt insensitive. It was straight up racist.
[starnimate] @PeterAkman It wasn't insensitive. It was racist.
[nicekicks] 💔
[aimee_dandrea] I should have told guy who dumped me because he wanted to “crack the code” of life to check out ancient golem mytho…
[vancolour] Why do some Canadian politicians denigrate yoga? I’ve seen this slight from provincial and federal politicians. Yo…
[uncleweed] @sillygwailo Ive rocked bifocals since childhood / made many optometrists wealthy ;)
[Lesley_NOPE] Didn’t get a hair cut, I got ‘em all cut.
[fishtron] Happy lunar new year! Wishing you: big mandarin big tongue (大吉大脷(利)), dragon horse spirit (龍馬精神), year year have fish (年年有魚(余))!
[nicolehe] Thanks to @donttrythis’s incredible spacesuit I got to fulfill a dream I never knew I had, which was pretending to…
[journo_dale] Beyond that, it’s the same tired coded language that apparently yoga is effeminate and hockey is masculine.
[james_m_wilt] So, congratulations to the BC NDP on ushering in this profoundly dystopic and parasitic force into the streets of V…
[Lesley_NOPE] John Wick 3 is exactly what I needed tonight
[NowNowNow] Richard Eriksson profile: @sillygwailo
[MrSteveTweedale] I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here. Folks, the people who designed the Starfleet Command seal were inspired by…
[rudy_mustang] i’ve decided to steal some tweets. reply to this with something funny and if i like it, i will tweet it and not giv…
Subcutanean: Generating the Final Books
[Burgundavia] RiDeShArE wIlL hElP aReAs WiTh PoOr TrAnSiT!!! #nope
[gnomeslair] Got myself interviewed for @arcadeattackUK by @Arcade_Adriano -- shocking revelations inside:
[_celia_bedelia_] If a person says “did you just assume my gender,” or some variation of it, they are almost always a transphobe.
[JodiesJumpsuit] Good morning from Sick Kids Hospital (he’s ok, don’t worry) where we have found yet another coca-cola variant that…
[enkerli] Ads all the way down. (via @Gruber)
[joelthesakic] @dailysimpsons @_rich_moore @JayKogen @AlJean @MikeReissWriter I hereby declare Miami to be Smooth Jimmy's lock of…