Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 5k

Official time: 41:36.0

What went right:

  • I got there in time for the start. I had worried that I left too early, but because the 509 streetcar wasn't coming, I had time to walk from Queen's Quay to Ontario Place, and I counted that as my warmup.

What went wrong:

  • I walked much of it. Not enough training leading up to it. I'm actually OK with that. This keeps the streak of running a race over the course of a year alive.
  • About a kilometre in, I turned off auto-pause in Strava. That accounts for the 3-minute discrepancy from the official time.

From the Strava activity, I can see the GPS couldn't handle the places it normally doesn't handle on this route: underneath the Gardiner overpass and pretty much all of Bay St.