Race Roster Spring Run-Off 8k


  • Date: April 7th, 2018
  • Chip time: 01:01:05.6
  • Strava time: 01:01:26

Official splits

Split Name Split Distance Split Time Pace
Split 1 1.6 km 00:11:06 6:55/km
Split 2 6.4 km 00:50:01 7:48/km
Official time 8 km 01:01:05.6 7:38/km

The start line at the 2018 Race Roster Sprint Run-off 8k.

What went wrong

  • I wish I stayed longer to take the post-race packet and take a post-race selfie. I wanted to get out of there because it was cold.
  • I got off the streetcar at Dundas West Station and walked to High Park. I could have taken the subway to High Park station.
  • I walked up the hills and gingerly ran down hills.

What went right

  • Not having run that much in the days leading up to the race, I was worried I'd be too winded. It turned out to be OK.
  • Since the race route had us retracing our steps, it was cool to see the elite runners blaze through with the escort bikes. That was the first race I've been in where that happened.

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