Toronto Waterfront 10

  • Date: June 26th, 2016
  • Chip time: 01:15:22.6.
  • I came in 4167th out of 4833 doing the run.

What went well

  • While eating breakfast, I had the presence of mind to check when bag check closed, and had to cut it short. During a short walk to Univeristy Ave., a construction worker, seeing my bib, asked me if there was a marathon. I told him it was a 10k.
  • I walked a bunch during the race, but felt generally OK. I was a little out of steam at the end, but nothing like the UBC 10k in 2014.
  • I found my co-workers quickly after seeing a message in our group chat.
  • The backdrop of CN Tower at the finish was cool, though I didn't take a photo of it.
  • The race organization was a well-oiled machine, with the possible exception of the finishers' medals.

What wasn't the greatest, but was still OK:

  • Sun shining in my face during the last few km. At least it wasn't for more than half the race.
  • Walking home was fine. The shuttle bus wouldn't have gotten me much closer.

Runners at the start of the Toronto Waterfront 10

I started in the purple corral, though I wished I had started on corral up.

The Gardiner Expressway as seen while running the Toronto Waterfront 10

It was cool to run over the Gardiner Expressway. A more iconic shot would have been the CN Tower as I approached the finish line, though it would have been backlit by the sun.

Shirt, bib and medal from the Toronto Waterfront 10

The shirt was actually too small, so I didn't wear it during the race.