St. Patrick's Day 5k

  • Date: March 14th, 2015
  • Chip time: 36:06

What went right

  • Only three times stopping to walk, and for not very long each time.


  • It rained. I had a rain jacket and running pants. It was OK.
  • I overheard a few people say that the route had changed since the year before.
  • This was my worst time for a 5k out of ... 3 that I've run. I'll need a bigger sample size before I get worried.

What didn't go so well

  • It was a little chaotic at the finish line, woth everybody bunched together, so no post-race selfie
  • I stepped in a few puddles, always because there was someone in front of me and I didn't see the puddle until the last minute.
  • I got there later than I'd hoped because the 19 bus I wanted to take was full. I'll just walk from Vancouver City Centre to Stanley Park next time I have a race there since it only takes 20 minutes anyway. There were a few nervous minutes where I wasn't sure I'd start on time.
  • No water stations during the race, grumble grumble. I was spoiled by the first 5k race I did having two (two!) water stations along the route.


Selfie before I run in the St. Patrick's Day 5k

Rainy 5k