Scotiabank 5k

What went right: Almost everything.

  • Everything was ready the night before.
  • I got up early, had a relaxing breakfast at home.
  • I had lots of time to get there.
  • The plan was to have a PR in overall time and a PR in an arbitrary km. (Strava picks out the best kilometer you run then compares it against your previous best.) I achieved both goals.
  • I had headphones to listen to Strava's audio announcements for pace and time each half kilometer. I put them away for the last kilometer thinking I wouldn't listen to them and "leave it all on the race course" but, see below.

What went wrong:

  • The original plan was to do a warm up run, but decided not to since it was going to be hot. Instead, I walked briskly from the train station.
  • The original plan was to "leave it all on the race course" for the final kilometer, but since the race took place during a heatwave, I overheated a little bit. This was the right decision, and maybe I'll have an even better race if it's cooler next time. Maybe I'll dump a cup of water over my head (assuming I don't have headphones on).

Pre-race Selfie

Strava Activity