Scotiabank 5k

  • Date: June 22nd, 2014
  • Chip time: 34:11
  • Average Pace: 6:50 min/km

The preceding Strava activity is based on the GPX export from the activity on RunKeeper, which was tracked by Moves and automatically posted to RK by Moves Export. Separately, I turned on MapMyRun just before the starting line and it generated an activity report as well.

What went right:

  • Plan of laying out clothes the night before worked.
  • Decided against coffee and that was an OK decision. Read a book during breakfast, which took my mind off the nervousness of my first race.
  • Took the train to Waterfront Station, then the 19 to the last stop at Stanley Park. I should have gotten off at Pipeline Rd. stop, not the final stop at the loop.
  • Definitely happy with bringing my backpack. Using the Scotiabank-provided bag would not have been good enough.
  • I ran the whole race, achieving the only goal I set for it.


  • Basketball shorts worked OK (iPhone and battery case stayed in), but I still need real running shorts. With pockets.
  • It probably would have been impossible to see Karen if she were waiting right at the finish line. I couldn't really see anybody's face since I was distracted by the excitement of finishing.
  • Didn't really need my own snacks, since they had lots of sponsored snacks.
  • I picked water up at two stations, which I'd do again. I only needed a sip each time. (What would my time have been if I didn't slow down to grab water? Maybe 33:30ish.)

What went wrong:

Not much went wrong. All of these are tiny details I should get right next time.

  • I thought I wouldn't want to bring my earphones, but I missed hearing my interval times and pace. That was the most disappointing part of the race, and it was wasn't all that annoying.
  • Slight panic moment when adjusting my bib just before the race. Invest more time the night before to attach it.
  • I was also a little bored after the race when I got home and watched too much TV. Need a plan for "coming down" after the race.
  • A little annoying at the start, as I was forced to walk a couple of times. Maybe I'll go in the serious runner's corral next time.
  • A little smelly when running next to the ocean near the pool.
  • I didn't stretch enough after the race. Plan to do yoga sometime during the day after the race.

Me and my medal after running the Scotiabank 5k

Medal, shirt and bib from the Scotiabank 5k