Fall Classic 10k

  • Date: November 16th, 2014
  • Chip time: 1:12:48
  • Average Pace: 6:58 min/km

What went right

  • Having a snack in my pocket gave me some much needed energy in the second half.
  • I picked up water and sometimes Gatorade at each water station. The first one might have hydrated me too early, but the others were just right.
  • This was nice sight early in the race:

Floating logs near UBC

What went wrong

I went into the 10k to learn what was going to happen, and learn I did.

  • I ran out of steam at about the 8 km mark, so I know I have work to do to be in good enough shape to run a full 10k. I did run the last full kilometre at least. Between the 8 and 9 km mark, I took off my jacket since three layers was too much by then.
  • I also didn't get enough sleep the night before. It was municipal election night in British Columbia and it was just too damn interesting.
  • My split times in each of the first 5 kilometres was too fast. It didn't occur to me to use a split time app until I heard the voice from MapMyRun in one runner's phone. If I had remembered to use one of the split time apps, it might have slowed me down to conserve some energy for the last half.
  • I got there too late to look at the expo (with lots of time to put my bag away and put my bib on, but that's it). Afterwards I was too tired to look at it.
  • Some technical difficulties with my iPhone. A photo I took of myself at the start didn't seem to save at all. I didn't press it too hard, and thought it eventually worked, but gave up on the idea of taking photos during the run, assuming the cold was affecting the camera. By the time I got to kilometre 3, I thought the phone had warmed up in my pocket, so the photo of the ocean seemed to save. Later when I got to the finish, the same problem happened, where photos wouldn't save. They did actually save to the phone, but would just not show in the photo roll. Also some technical difficulties with Tweetbot, unable to send a tweet. The official Twitter app worked fine.

Medal, tuque and bib from the 2014 fall Classic 10k