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Towel Day 2022 May 25th, 2022 Douglas Adams, Towel Day
A Month of Going to Blue Jays Games April 29th, 2022 No tags.
Two Years of Sheltering In Place (More Or Less) March 13th, 2022 No tags.
There was no "Sheltering In Place" entry for February 2022 February 13th, 2022 No tags.
Three More Months of Not Sheltering In Place January 13th, 2022 No tags.
Three Months of Not Sheltering in Place October 13th, 2021 No tags.
The Minister (Icelandic TV Series): A Short Review September 1st, 2021 No tags.
Hamilton, July 2021 July 25th, 2021 Hamilton Honey Badgers, Hamilton
Reflections on a Year of Studying Mandarin Chinese with Duolingo July 19th, 2021 No tags.
Sixteen Months of Sheltering in Place July 13th, 2021 COVID-19
Toronto Islands July 2021 July 5th, 2021 No tags.
Spring Stations 2021 July 2nd, 2021 Winter Stations
Fifteen Months of Sheltering in Place June 13th, 2021 No tags.
There's a Frood Who Really Knows Where His Towel Is May 25th, 2021 Douglas Adams, Towel Day
Fourteen Months of Sheltering in Place May 13th, 2021 COVID-19
The King-Liberty Village Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge April 19th, 2021 No tags.
Thirteen Months of Sheltering in Place April 13th, 2021 COVID-19
Grange Park Heritage April 4th, 2021 No tags.
A Year of Sheltering in Place March 13th, 2021 COVID-19
Eleven Months of Sheltering in Place February 13th, 2021 No tags.
Ten Months of Sheltering in Place January 13th, 2021 COVID-19
University of Toronto Heritage January 1st, 2021 University of Toronto, Toronto
Nine Months of Sheltering in Place December 13th, 2020 No tags.
Naming November 20th, 2020 No tags.
University Heritage November 14th, 2020 No tags.

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