Just One

Yesterday, I invited a friend to come with me to see a play that takes place tomorrow. This will be the first play I've attended in years, and hopefully it will be the first of many, seeing how movies are been shown with commercials and by terrible projectionists. Movies are the same experience repeated over and over, while plays will always be slightly different each time, due to the way the actors interact with the audience, a line here and there forgotten or improvised, and so on. I bought two tickets while single—still true—thinking that I needed to start thinking for two in case the opportunity presented itself, and if not, I could invite a like-minded friend to join me. Good theory, but in practice, I wait until the last minute. It's not because I don't like planning. I don't like planning, but that's not the reason I don't do it: rather, it's because nobody else I know seems to want to plan anything, or when I plan something with them, something else comes up.

It's never their fault (I repeat to myself). Just circumstances. There is a certain Icelandic rock band coming to town, and I bought just one ticket to their concert in September, thinking that someone else like-minded will be going, but that it feels weird buying two tickets before finding someone to go with. Maybe someone else wants to go with me to concerts and other events I want to go to in the future, but unless they express an interest beforehand, they're buying their own ticket on their own time.

Going to events "alone" when there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of other attendees sucks. A lot. Before is boring with nobody to talk to to pass the time. During is boring with nobody to dance with or steal a glace to see how they're enjoying it. After is boring because there is nobody to compare notes with. It still beats sitting at home the day after wishing I had gone, but it's not all it could be.