Ottawa, Toronto, But Not Montreal, NYC or Boston

In September of last year, I made a short announcement that I'd be travelling to Ottawa in March to visit the Icelandic side of my family. March is here, and I've cut Montreal off of my itinerary, but Toronto is still on. The plan is:

  • Fly to Ottawa on March 25th.
  • Hang out in Ottawa with my family until the 28th then take a train (baring that, rent a car) to Toronto.
  • Hang out in Toronto with for a couple of days and nights.
  • Fly from Toronto to Vancouver on the 30th.

Original plans included—but no longer include—visiting Montreal and then Toronto, or even bypass both cities and travel to Boston and New York City to visit friends there, then bust my ass back to Toronto to fly back to Vancouver. So instead, I'm saving Boston, New York City, and Montreal for a separate trip (or separate trips?), maybe in the summer, on my own dime and my own time.