Acronym Pronunciations

As a (welcome?) departure from my tales of non-existant woe (ToNEW for short), I hereby give you a Dreamweaver-created (out of laziness) table of the way I pronounce computer-related acronyms. I haven't seen SCSI used very often lately (must be pass� already) but the others are still used pretty often.

Acronym Standard pronunciation Way I pronounce it
MySQL My-sequel My-Ess-Cue-Elle
SCSI Scuzzy Scizzy
LOL Lawl Elle-Oh-Elle
GUI Gooey Gee-You-Eye
:P *actually sticking out tongue* Colon-Pee

Just kidding about the last one. I don't actually say "colon-pee" when I want to stick my tongue out at someone. I just stick out my tongue. And I pronounce the acronym ToNEW Toh-noo. But it's not a real acronym, so nevermind. But I usually spell out acronyms, because acronyms-as-words is just plain silly. Hell, I'm not even sure of the standard pronunciations of any of them. It's just that since I don't ever really hear them that often, I decided to make up my own pronunciations.

Is there anyone else who defiantly pronounces acronyms in a non-standard way like I do?


does that mean you actually spell out RADAR and SCUBA, too?

don't for get LASER too! hey I say L-O-L... Lawl, sounds like lull which is not funny at all...