Extremely Attractive Trainee

I had my first extremely attractive trainee today. I wasn't quite sure what to do. Here was this pretty, outgoing, and fun Asian girl. Beautiful eyes, thin but clearly in shape, and the best thing about her: she took off her sandals and sat cross legged in her chair. It was a "this-is-the-way-I-sit-in-a-computer-chair" sit. About twenty minutes in, she mentioned her boyfriend, matter-of-factly, so for about thirty-seconds I felt sucky, because I wasn't going to get a phone number off her. But after that my brain shut off and had fun instead. Thank goodness, because strangely for a young person, she was pretty new to the Internet scene. Except email, but I did show her the address book function and the folders, which she thought was neat.

I tried showing her instant messaging, and she thought it would be best if she typed out a message to somebody, to one of my friends. She typed as if it were me, but she was cool about it, saying something like "I'm training this chick who doesn't know much about computers". (She used the word chick). So, showing search engines, I used the word chocolate, just as an example, and that gave her chocolate cravings. I mentioned there's a deli across the street that has good chocolate chip cookies. I couldn't exactly walk her over there, because I had somebody else come in after her. Actually, I went past the usual hour-long lesson and went into my coffee break showing her some stuff. Because she was having fun, and so, frankly was I.

So I'm pretty pleased with myself. It helped that she got the whole "are-you-seeing-anybody?" thing out of the way. It's always nice to know that an extremely attractive person has a boyfriend before making an ass of one's self. But here's a question for the 5 or 6 people reading out there: if a girl is clearly attractive, and it's assumed they have a significant other, but it doesn't come up in conversation, how does one broach the subject? Yeah, I could just ask them what they wanted to go out on such-and-such day, and then it would be made obvious. But I've tried that, and felt like an ass when it was revealed that the girl had a boyfriend. I did manage to ask straight out...well, not so straight out, I had to bob and weave...on IM whether a girl was seeing someone. It doesn't feel right though.