What I’m Up to Now

I moved to Toronto in November of 2015, and started working for Acquia as a support engineer. I work with the U.S. east coast team, which is located in Boston, collaborating with them from Acquia’s downtown Toronto office.

Social media I keep updated:

I spend my free time doing things that the GPS in my iPhone enables, like playing Ingress and visiting microconfluences.

My latest programming project is a self-hosted tool that turns your a Slack channel into a Twitter client. I constantly look for ways to smash together public APIs, especially if there’s a geographic component.

As of September 2017, I'm a director at large for the Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto, mainly helping out with the ICCT Twitter account and providing what insight I can to the board. They offer courses in the Icelandic language, which I'm studying as a way to connect to my heritage.

I still think the scene in Spaceballs where they watch themselves in the movie ("We’re at now now!”) is hilarious.