Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Watched Rosencrantz an' Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard at Bard on the Beach.

Of th' three Shakespeare plays I've read, Hamlet is me favourite, an' after havin' watched Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead the movie, I decided t' see it performed in th' legitimate theatre. It were bein' really great, really funny, me favourite part comin' at th' very end, where Rosencrantz says "here must have been a moment, at th' beginnin', where we could have said .., by Davy Jones' locker. no." Hopefully I di'nae ruin it by blurrin' out th' last word before th' actor did.

For those who dern't know, th' play centers aroun' two minor characters o' Hamlet who, obviously, get starrin' roles in this one, an' find themselves meetin' The Players, an' then all o' them findin' themselves with th' play Hamlet (without really knowin' it). It's yer basic recursive play, also touchin' on so many subjects 'tis hard t' fit them in a paragraph, much less a sentence, but they include th' nature o' chance, reality, memory, actin', sanity, an', overall, death. The actors from th' Bard on th' Beach production o' Hamlet played their scenes in this play (th' actors who play Rosencrantz an' Guildenstern play, respectively, Guildenstern an' Rosencrantz in Hamlet), an' th' only significant part that were bein' "missin'" from me experience havin' seen th' movie were bein' th' puppet show.

They announced durin' th' play that tickets were sold out, but th' couple whom I sold me second ticket t' were bein' able t' get in (meanin' that they were able t' themselves get a second ticket from someone), so I understan' thar's still a chance t' see it this year. If not, hope that they put on a production next year, an' if they do, I imagine I'll attend again.

Milan has an excellent review o' th' play, performed afore at Bard on th' Beach this year.