Let It Die

Purchased Feist's Let It Die on iTunes Music Service.

Pinder is still months ahead of me: he commented a Coolfer article about Feist, calling her "very Smiths / Belle and Sebastian". I heard "Mushaboom" on KEXP and one thing—looking at the del.icio.us tag for 'feist'—led to another—finding an article on CBC Radio 3 about her which has three live tracks (as much as I like the studio version of "Mushaboom", the live version of "Intuition" with the siren in the background as she signs "uh oh" is most poignant)—and then finally to buying her album on iTunes Music Service.

The album art for iTunes Music Service Canada is different from that of the American release, shown both in the Amazon and Coolfer links below. You can see the album cover I have in my iTunes the 'import' release page on Amazon.com.