Received DJ Shadow's Endtroducing... (Deluxe Edition) double-CD in the mail.

Mutual Slump seems more subdued, and features the Star Wars related quote at the beginning instead of in the middle. (It's longer too. Woman: "Do you feel like Darth Vader?" Man: "Yes." Woman: [laughs] "Then I'm Princess Leia, five feet under.") It's weird hearing that and "Building Steam with a Grain of Salt" without the overdubs, because I kept expecting the scratches and vocal samples, like the quote about the music flowing through him (in BSWAGOS) and the Xanadu quote in "Mutual Slump". The alternate beats are far too shorts: they are rough cuts, but really great rough cuts. A note about this: I bought this online from djshadow.com, and even though I got a t-shirt and a poster and a sticker with it, $50 USD seems like a bit much, and that's not even considering I had to pay $12 Canadian for customs. That said, the remixes included are required for DJ Shadow completists, and the album contains much more detailed liner notes than the original. That said, I've been meaning to buy this, my favourite album of all time, again, because the copy I have has so many scratches from the hundreds of times I played it, combined with my customary mis-handling of CDs.