LCD Soundsystem's self-titled release

Purchased LCD Soundsystem's self-titled double CD.

Almost bought this on iTunes Music Service Canada, except that with taxes, the double CD cost 5 dollars less than the online store. At least two shouts-out to Daft Punk (one in the song-title no less), LCD Soundsystem seem to have mastered the "disco-punk" (I call it techno-punk) sound. My favourite track sonically is "Tribulations" and "Yeah (Pretentious Version)", the latter that keeps building and just won't stop, and my favourite lyrically is "Losing My Edge", where he's trying to prove how hip he his by listing off the records he owns. Bought this in anticipation of what a friend calls Vancouver's first all hype all hipster convention of the summer, i.e. LCD Soundsystem's concert with M.I.A., which, yes, I'll be attending.