Talking Heads' Remain in Light

Purchased Talking Heads' Remain in Light album from iTunes Music Service Canada.

After seeing Tim Bray link to David Byrne Radio, I realized I didn't have any legitimately-purchased Talking Heads music in my collection. This album has "Once in a Lifetime", the video for which I saw on the plane recently, and which I now think is one of the best music videos of all-time. It's primarily Byrne bugging out, sweating, and convulsing, but also copying dance moves from cultures that are not his own with video of said cultural groups doing the moves he's copying in the background. I think he was trying to say that, by juxtaposing a white guy in glasses and a suit in front of an Indian-subcontinent woman and a group of Africans, there exist music nerds so in love with new sounds that they think of themselves as hip enough to unproblematically copy the moves of—and therefore claim a certain amount of membership in or understading of—cultures they never belonged to and never will. (Remind you of anyone?) See also John Alroy's review of the album.