Basement Jaxx's The Singles

Purchased Basement Jaxx's The Singles double-CD. reports it as an 'import', but it was released through regular channels here in Canada. I bought this on the strength of the Pitchfork review of the album, and mostly for the second disc of B-sides and remixes (but also for "Oh My Gosh", the video of which you can view online), since I have all of Basement Jaxx's albums already. They make this really funky, slightly off-kilter house music sometimes with vocals. (A lot of their songs are good running music, at least for me.) The Pitchfork review says there was a DVD with the group's videos, but since I paid about-regular-price for a double CD, not getting it in the package isn't that big of a deal. The Pitchfork reviewer is right: their B-sides beat most of house's A-sides. It's definitely good 'dancing alone in my apartment' music, though just like cooking, dancing is best done with someone. Note that this album is not available on iTunes Music Service Canada, nor are any other of Basement Jaxx's tracks.