Document My World in a Way That Lets Others Re-Document It

Couple the N80 I have with an inexpensive Bluetooth GPS device, and I could add an order of magnitude more metadata to my SkyTrain walks (and serve that metadata out using GeoRSS, which I'm already experimenting with). Basically it would enable me to document my world in a way that lets others re-document it as they see it. Rukavina is doing some interesting things mapping withi his Nokia N70, and the only way I can learn about this stuff is by doing it. All theoretical at this point, since I don't have the tools necessary.

lets others re-document it as they see it.

(I excised the above paragraph from my brief review of the Nokia N80 because it didn't really seem to fit. Pasting it in here in case I need to point to/elaborate on it later.)