Three Concerts (And a Play!) In the Span of a Month

In th' span o' about a month, I'll be attendin' a play an' three concerts: DJ Shadow, Junior Boys, an' TV on the Radio. Will I see ye thar?

It's too bad that th' Junior Boys be playin' at th' Plaza Club, which has awful acoustics, at least when I saw Lyrics Born play thar. They redeem themselves by printin', on th' ticket, not only when th' show starts (8:00 PM) but when it ends (10:30 PM). And this is on a Saturday.

Speakin' o' Lyrics Born, he'll be performin' at Richard's on Richards on October 24th, which is when I'm flyin' in from Toronto. Or not, dependin' on a decision I have yet t' make. The sharks will eat well tonight! If I dern't attend, please, someone, go in me place: 'tis a great venue an' if ye're at all a fan o' hiphop, he be one o' th' better live performers I've seen.

The three concerts I mentioned above? Yaaarrrrr! That doesn't include Iceland Airwaves.