Still Loving Bookmarks

Ian McKenzie points to 6 ways to fall in love with bookmarks again. Except that I've been in love with them since day one, still. Now, with RSS, "store the daily visits" is kind of pointless, but I use bookmarks for reasons other than mentioned in the articles. Below is a partial screenshot of the main categories of bookmarks.

my folders in Firefox's Bookmarks menu

I wish I could remember the section it was from, but I remember starting the folder names with "Staging:" because of something in Getting Things Done which recommended collecting materials to read later on. "Articles to Read" is pretty straightforward: these are longer essays that I have for time when there isn't anything to read. "Software to Try Out" are tools that don't necessarily solve problems today, but tools for which I can see might solve problems later on. "To Watch or Listen To" are mostly podcasts I can put on while ironing. "Blogs to Syndicate" are weblogs I need to put into an online aggregator, almost all of them French-language weblogs writing about China. "Blogs to evaluate" are weblogs I'm on the fence about subscribing to. There's likely a better way to organize my bookmarks, but I use bookmarks still and almost exclusively for stuff that doesn't need my attention now but is there for when my attention needs something, anything.

Come to think of it, someone could potentially write a very good article on when your attention needs something, anything.

Like Ian, I use my bookmarks toolbar for frequently-accessed almost-entirely-work-related links that either don't have RSS feeds, are reference material, or "do something", such as the link that creates a randomly-generated, 6-letter password with no numbers.