"So You Decided to Not Wear Sunscreen"

Second full day in Toronto, and I've been to Coffee Zone on Carlton St. twice now (hence my two checkins on 43 Places), since there isn't a Wireless Toronto hotspot nearby. I have a hotspot account with Telus, but the two Starbucks I went to didn't have power outlets in convenient spots. For lunch I grabbed a free slice of pizza at Pizza Pizza (since at the Blue Jays game the home team pitching squad got more than 7 strike-outs total), then went to the Apple store and got quoted more than double for replacing the casing on my chipped powerbook than an online retailer. I picked up Cory Doctorow's latest book, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, which I may not get started reading until the plane trip back. Still sunburnt, arms redder than they've ever been. The cream I bought for it should have come with a pamphlet entitled "So You Decided to Not Wear Sunscreen", since it stings like crazy.