Chipped PowerBook

Chipped Paint on the Left Side of My Powerbook G4

Many people who come across me working (or goofing off) at my PowerBook will notice the black spots where my wrists wrest while typing. The joke at the office was that it was because of my Icelandic acidic skin, which explains Ben's comment in the Flickr photo (taken with Roland's camera) to the right. In my research as to why this might be—though really, I don't care, I just want it fixed—I came across a blog post with several comments of people with the same problem, and at the bottom, a link to a poorly formatted website with photos of other people with the problem. Further research finds a rather well-done explanation of how to replace a PowerBook's upper case (my trackpad sometimes double-clicks instead of single-clicks, a problem that I think is independent of the chipping). There are no such instructions at Apple's installable parts website. I'm seriously considering buying the upper case iFixit sells and then figuring out whom I can convince to install it for me.