Robert Scales and my coworker Kris Krug (of Raincity Studios and Bryght respectively) are headed to China soon. Of course, as somewhat of an expert on China (see my 'china' tag, which gets syndicated over at Watching China), I'm jealous that they're going without me, but I'm excited for them as well. They, along with Raincity's Megan Cole have written a few announcements about the upcoming China Access event in Vancouver to kick off their trip: "Are You Taking Advantage of the China Trend", which was cross-posted to Raincity's weblog, asks whether BC businesses are ready to find opportunities in the Middle Kingdom, especially as China takes the spotlight during the 2008 Olympics; Kris has an announcement about the business forum on May 24th, which I'll be attending at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue. I'll be following along, living vicariously through Kris' photos tagged with 'china' on Flickr, not to mention Robert's. Yet another space to watch is Daily Vancouver's coverage of the Beijing Olympics.