May Toronto Trip Recap

Heading back to Vancouver soon, but I stopped by Coffee Zone Internet Cafe to write a little update: check my brief stories on 43 Places about Massey Hall (where I had an obstructed view seat of the Sigur Rós concert) and Local 4 as well as some of the photos I took this weekend (more to come). It was a really great weekend attending DrupalCamp and BarCamp though at the latter's venue, 171 East Liberty St., it was too loud to hear the presenters well, so the organizers of the next event are probably going to want to choose a better location. Another complaint of an otherwise interesting day: there were side conversations that the participants should have taken either outside or at least not right next to the presentations. I skipped on Sunday to wake up late (so to speak), have a yummy brunch at Pogue Mahone Irish Pub and take the ferry to Toronto Island Park. We—Karen and I—took the whichever ferry left first when we got there, which ended up going to Centre Island where we went on the small (and fast!) ferris wheel, got bitten by (and/or unintentionally ate) multiple mosquitoes and swung on swings.