Ontario Ends

On Saturday I took the walk around the Main Street-Science World SkyTrain station as suggested by John Atkin in his book SkyTrain Explorer: Heritage Walks From Every Station, and created a section for it here on Just a Gwai Lo. My favourite photos are Green Empty Benches, the signs at the end of Ontario St. (seen to the right) and the elevated SkyTrain guideways. It took a few minutes to spot the Seeds and Feed advertisement, but I found it after walking to the westernmost side of the block behind the building.

The neighbourhood surrounds False Creek, which, from the book, we learn “got its name from a notation made on a map by one of Captain Vancouver's crew who thought the body of water might be a river but turned out to be a 'false creek'.” Various sources, Discover Vancouver among them, say the member of Vancouver's crew was Captain George Richards.

I hear parts of Main Street south of Broadway are nice too. Almost 10 years in this city—at least the regional district—and I've never been to Q.E. Park. During the summer I shouldn't have any trouble finding an excuse to go.