Karen and I started dating in December. We met online, sort of: she was looking at my profile on Urban Vancouver, and she thought I was someone she had seen at a lecture series, then messaged me via MSN. We got to talking, and she invited me to a movie starring Lauren Lee Smith, then I invited her to a geek dinner involving co-workers, and the rest is history (currently in progress, of course). We're such a Web 2.0 couple that we both changed our Flickr profile relationship status to "Taken" at the same time. We've even considered starting a podcast together.

She lives and works in Toronto, and I've gone to visit her twice already, once during New Years, and the second time during the week of St. Valentine's Day. She's the reason I've been snowshoeing, linking to Toronto-related articles, and along with work, she's the reason I'm happily busy.

A romantic relationship, especially a long-distance romantic relationship, has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. But so far it has been one of the most rewarding.