Mount Seymour Snowshoeing

View from Mt. Seymour

A week after snowshoeing on Hollyburn Mountain, yesterday I went snowshoeing on Mt. Seymour, again as part of the Hiking Club. I posted photos, which this time feature less cameraphone photos (I left my phone at home by accident), and more 'regular' camera photos. Also, as a warning, there are many more photos of me.

Hiking might be the thing that I do this year for physical exercise, absolutely nothing being last year's thing, the gym the year before that, and dragon boating the year before that. A friend of mine posted in her private journal the phrase "fuck work, make art", and I told her I wanted a t-shirt that said that. (At this writing, a MetaFilter post was the only result for that phrase.) Upon reflection, it occurred to me that I wasn't an artist, and that something like "fuck the gym, go hiking" might be a little more appropriate, as I'm on record as hating the gym (since writing that, though, I haven't made any progress towards losing 28 pounds). That might not be possible, but going hiking with interesting new people has been fun so far, though I'm afraid of anything more than a day trip.