Hollyburn Snowshoeing

View From the Base of Hollyburn Mountain

After hearing about it from the Hiking Club mailing list, I went snowshoeing up Hollyburn Mountain this Saturday and took some photos. This was my second time snowshoeing, the first time being with fellow attendees of the OSCMS summit in February. The hike up Hollyburn was a little more difficult than I imagined it to be, but it was a great workout outdoors in the sun, and got to meet some interesting people. The snow was really powdery, which made it slower going down the mountain than if it were icier, but there was plenty of opportunity to slide down on my butt, to the amusement of onlookers.

It's probably going to be the last snowshoe trip of the season, but it's definitely something I'll look forward to doing next season, and will be on the lookout for interesting hikes to go on during the spring and summer. But first I'll probably need some hiking shoes.


Damn, I'm jealous! I've been trying for weeks to do an evening/night snowshoeing adventure, but my plans keep getting foiled! Glad you had a good time... Hope all is well!