Vancouver's HSBC Building "Pendulum" Sculpture

Rarely ever walking west of Granville St. except to catch a bus, the pendulum sculpture in the HSBC building on Georgia St. caught my eye. I looked up the building's website (which is very informative I must say) and found a section on the "Broken Column" pendulum sculpture: “Borrowing from the architectural emphasis on supporting columns throughout the building itself, [Alan] Storey developed the idea of a column that could break free of its base. Since dubbed the "pendulum", the broken column is suspended from the center of the barrel vault roof within the Atrium. Pivoting from its top, the pendulum gracefully sweeps through an arc that is in line with the longitudinal axis of the entire building.”

John K. Grande, in a profile of Alan Storey's art with photos: “Storey says he never thought he would get the commission so he went ahead with his proposal - no holds barred. Over the years the pendulum piece has functioned, largely faultlessly, as an example of how interactive large scale public art can capture an idea, communicate it and yet remain simple in conception.”

I took 30 seconds of video of the "pendulum" swinging back and forth.