Tiananmen Square on Google Images

Credit goes to Juan's del.icio.us bookmarks (he also has a weblog) for the heads up, spotted via the 'china' tag on del.icio.us: check out the difference between a search for 'tiananmen' on images.google.cn (left) and images.google.com (right). Click the thumbnails for larger versions.

search for 'tiananmen' on Google Images China search for 'tiananmen' on Google Images (North America)

Rebecca MacKinnon and Jeremy Goldkorn, as they do typically, have excellent summaries and links to reaction about Google's censoring of search results on its mainland Chinese service.

(Screenshots taken on January 26th at 4:15 PM Pacific, using webkit2png.)

Time passes, and it looks like Marshall Kirkpatrick and Charles Miller (via Brett via a LiveJournaler with friends-only posts) had the same idea.