Election 2006 Results (Including Burnaby-Douglas)

Bill Siksay returned to office in my riding of Burnaby-Douglas. I'm a long-time federal New Democrat (independent provincially, at the moment), and supported, if silently, his candidacy. The following is the table from Elections Canada (I encourage those who want official results to visit the website and search for the riding's results, for I'd hate for someone to search for 'election results burnaby-douglas 2006' and have them uncritically cite the numbers I give here):

Party Candidate Votes %
Communist Timothy George Gidora 153 0.3
Conservative George Drazenovic 13,466 27.6
Green Party Ray Power 1,694 3.5
Liberal Bill Cunningham 16,079 33.0
N.D.P. Bill Siksay 17,323 35.6

There should be an election results microformat. (Couldn't resist.)

With some satisfaction I note the defeat of Sam Bulte in Parkdale-High Park. Kudos to Joey who wrote extensively about her relationship with copyright interests. (I kind of wish he had a category just of articles about her, so that he could own her on Google.) A little disappointing, though, since that the phrase "pro-user zealot" will fade into history, but I have to wonder, did she misspeak. I'd never heard the phrase before, but can't think of any word replacing 'user' that she could use to describe those who argue for an alternative, more flexible copyright regime.

As you probably know, the Conservatives won a minority, and might align with the Bloc to govern. If only there were some electoral system that gave you the same percentage of seats as votes you got in the election.

Outlandish predictions:

  • a grand coalition government between the Liberals and Conservatives!
  • Ujjal Dosanjh as the next leader of the Liberals!
  • more photos of Peter Mackay looking forlornly at Belinda Stronach!
  • or even better, she crosses the floor again so that she can once again join a party that is actually in power!

At last night's election counting party, I saw my dad on CHEK TV last night, as Darren flipped the TV at the bar to find something other than CBC coverage. That's 5 seconds of fame deducted from his (my dad's) account.