Leafs Suck

Randy Charles Morin, J.J. Guerrero, Jackson Murphy, and Joe Frazier all summarized the Vancouver Canucks' 4-3 over the Toronto Maple Leafs I was able to attend (thanks Jeffery)! My coupled friends M and S attended, she wearing a Maple Leafs' jersey, he wearing a Canucks jersey, though in seats far away from mine. They weren't the only people who came to the game together but as opposing fans: a guy from Newfoundland cheering for the Leafs came with his son, who was cheering for the Canucks.

Some observations and interpretations follow. It looked as if the star players, at least from the Canucks side, were doggin' it. Specifically, Todd Bertuzzi and Marcus Naslund looked as if they were going through the motions, the latter taking a shot on goal from the latter with zero chance of going or even rebounding, but with no apparent decision to consider alternatives, like passing it off. Every time the players (not just the stars) made a change, they coasted to the bench, making me wonder whether the rules for too many men on the ice should be enforced more stingently.

Tom Benjamin compares the speed of the players at the World Junior Championships to NHL players: “We were flipping back and forth to the Canuck game. The difference in the pace was very stark and not flattering to the NHL at all. How could Juniors be so much faster than NHL players?” In the comments, Darren blames the 82-game schedule, but I'm not so sure. Every now and then I would catch a 'classic' NHL game—you know, the ones where there are no logos on the ice surface?—and I think it has more to do with the size of the players with respect to the size of the rink; rule and enforcement differences between leagues; and more controversially perhaps, that the current batch of NHLers are coddled. They have million-dollar contracts, flawless ice surfaces, long "media breaks" during games, access to world-class equipment and coaching/training personnel and maybe even the celebrity status of sports players that require them to not only perform on the ice but also fulfil contracts to their sponsors. Those things might actually work towards the favour of a higher-speed game, but the only people that are really exciting anymore are the rookies and the odd player like Trevor Linden who seemed to give 100% on each shift. A lot of the truly talented players have the ability to get away with not giving it all when they score every night, but if we're paying full price for something, shouldn't we get full effort?

Watching a hockey game live is so much better than watching it on TV. The thrill of cheering a goal with thousands of others alone is usually worth the price of admission, but also booing the ref and chanting "Leafs Suck" in unison when thousands of fans of the opposing team in question are in the audience adds to the effect. I don't care much for the fact that everything has an advertisement on it—including the Zamboni's, which look almost as if they are NASCAR cars. Also the long breaks between play to cut to commercial for radio and TV are too long, but at least watching the kids clear the ice of snow—and the players looking at the girls' asses—eases the boredom. They're almost like the crew during a play that set the props correctly in between scenes. The metaphor breaks down because plays, unless they are improv, have a pre-determined outcome.

It turns out that the Leafs do indeed suck. They would have sucked less with Lindros in the lineup, but so too would the Canucks if they had Jovanovski in the lineup. The part that truly sucks is that the Leafs play in Vancouver the next time won't be for 3 years, or so goes the rumour. Do the geniuses at the NHL know how many Leafs fans there are in every Canadian city? There were, as I mentioned, thousands of Leafs fans at GM Place on January 10th. This is true, I hear, of Calgary and other Canadian cities with an NHL franchise. I know revenues from TV are often more important than what the league gets from fans in the stadium, but all you have to do to guarantee a sold out game in Canada is schedule the Maple Leafs to play. Becuase you'll get a least as many fans of the Leafs to come jeer the home team.


leafs suck

Wow do the Leaf's ever suck. I love(d) hockey for as long as there's been excuses for income tax, had season tickets, been a scalper(gulp), bought Leaf prfnalia, yadayad blablablah. But you get to a point where ya just realize it aint gonna happen, somebody help me out here....LEAF MANAGEMENT DOES'NT CARE ABOUT YOUR TIM HORTON LARGE DBL-DBL FAT ASS- Maximum dividends on return. Anyone wanna bet how long JFJ stays flat? B2theB $20 says the Hurricanes go Stanley

Ok - we all know the leafs suck - take a moment to write down your thoughts about what we can do about it :-) have a look here: http://www.mydudstheleafs.com Thanks - joe -


If the Leafs sucked, then the Canucks must have really sucked, cause you beat us by 1 goal when you goalie played his best game of the year and our goalie played one of his worst. And Canucks were at home.

Actually, in the first period, I thought Auld was flakey (especially on the first goal) and didn't really deserve the first star. The Canucks also looked sloppy in the first period in general and thought the Leafs would run away with it after being up 2-1. I don't think Belfour had a chance on the Morrison, Ruutu or Carter goals (the Burrows one was weak). Besides, if you're going to stand up for the Leafs, at least mention the fact that Brian McCabe, who has 49 points already, was out of the lineup! Oh, and any argument from me or any Canucks fan about the hated Maple Leafs will be based solely on the fact that we are Canucks fans, and therefore will be totally biased. Just because we're biased, that still doesn't mean the Leafs don't suck, though.

leafs suck like hell man whoever thinks they're good must be really dumb the last time they won the stankey cup was in like 1967 nd right know they barely make the playoffs SENS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

Which is funny, because tonight the Leafs beat the Sens in a shootout.

The Leafs had their chance to buy a team before the salary cap!!! Blame the rich corporate investors for making money more important then the fan base!!! With the highest ticket prices in the NHL, its clear leaf fans do not stick together or they would boycott the ACC for one game just to send a message to the management. All in all the whole Leaf organization and its loyal brainwashed followers suck! I guess the Leafs Suck!!! Why not cheer for the Senators!!! OH! I forgot ever since the brainwashing hypnosis the fan base went under at the Gardens 1968 you've been battling the passion that unites shit!!I guess the Leafs stink as well!!LOL!

sens all the way dood LEAFS SUCK