Delurking Weekend

Maybe if this site had a feed of articles from x years ago, I would have remembered that this week last year I wrote about delurking. I saw at WorldWideWaterCooler that this week is Delurking Week (Travis reminded me just now of Jen's post). There are more readers of this site than Karen, Micah, and NC, to name some of the people who recently commented (apologies to those who haven't more recently commented for not including you in that list). If you're so inclined, I'd love for you to comment and let me know that you read my weblog, and if you have ideas for topics to cover, weblogs or other sites with feeds that I should be reading, or general suggestions for improvement, then that would be nice too. I'm not opposed to a simple "hello" as well.

(For those subscribed to my RSS feed, this is as good an opportunity as any to point out that there are many more short posts in my section, which has permanent links and an area for comments. They're syndicated from my bookmarks.)

Since I'm late in posting this, I'll consider this a delurking weekend (as Travis points out, lurking means reading while not writing a comment, email, or linking to my weblog) for those who want to take the opportunity to say they enjoy reading my weblog (or for those who read it but do not enjoy it). This article should stay at the top (i.e. 'sticky') for the duration of the weekend, as Drupal lets me do that pretty easily.