One Glaring Omission

Danwei has a great run-down of the best weblogs about China for 2005. There's one glaring omission, however: Danwei itself. It tends to focus mostly on media—the continuing series of pointing out Xinhua's fixation with scantily clad ladies (aka Skinhua)—is always amusing, but it's often the first place I check for news and blogger coverage of events that might not get carried in detail by the Chinese (or even Western) press.

I didn't regularly follow a lot of bloggers writing in English about China, which is a little too bad, seeing as how I have a website for that very purpose. Based solely on the fact that, in my aggregator, these are the weblogs currently in my "China" category, here are the weblogs I read most often this year:

  • chaile, a weblog about the Beijing music scene, particularly the punk and avant-garde scenes (wish they did a podcast/MP3-blog post every now and then though)
  • Michah's weblog, mostly about daily life in Shanghai
  • the tag for 'china', which has a decreasing signal-to-noise ratio but still quite a few gems
  •, a(n almost) daily podcast for those who wish to learn Mandarin

As the Olympics in Beijing approach, I'm hoping to either write about it more or at least point to those who are writing about it. That means setting some more 'automated researches', such as RSS feeds for Flickr photos tagged with both 'olympics' and 'beijing' (had to write a custom script for that), bookmarks tagged as such, and maybe some PubSub feeds as well.

I think I'll be pushing out to from rather than, up until now, the reverse.