Mighty Mouse Experience

After about a year using a two-button-plus-scrollwheel PC mouse on my Powerbook, bought for 12 bucks from the crazy Chinese computer store around the block from my apartment (there is now another crazy Chinese computer store across the street from it), I've been using Apple's Mighty Mouse, and I gotta say, I like it. It's a lot better with with the software installed than not, as you can program the mouse buttons, of which there are deceptively two (i.e. clicking on the right and left 'sides' of the what looks on the outside to be one big button as per the mice previous from Apple), to do common Mac OS X functions. I just have them set to what most people are used to in a two-button mouse, regular clicking for the left 'side' and a context menu for the right 'side'. The scroll nipple, which acts as a third button—but only, as far as I care, in Firefox—is smooth and cute. I like the mouse's look, I like that it reminds me of my first experiences with a Mac using the one-buttoned variety (which is back at SFU when people would stand in line for PCs when perfectly fine and pretty Macs were still available), and is uncomfortable enough so that it makes me consider each click but comfortable enough that I don't complain too loudly about being locked in a trunk.

Other reviews:

I don't actually read those weblogs, they just happened to be the highest results for 'mighty mouse back firefox'.

Which leads me to what I don't like about it, all not dealbreakers: I had to disable the back button when using the Mighty Mouse with Firefox and the squeeze buttons for Exposé (or whatever you have it programmed to) is awkward. Those are muscles that I a) don't have, b) don't need, and c) don't want.