All Montreal All the Time

Very early this morning I bought Wolf Parade's Apologies to the Queen Mary (Pinder's got the lyrics to the album) and just now bought a ticket to the Arcade Fire / Wolf Parade / Bell Orchestre concert in Vancouver, so basically all Montreal all the time. Looks like I'm at least 9 months behind Pinder this time (I must be slipping in my old age and so on) who recently attended the Wolf Parade show in an unventilated Crackton art gallery: “Each band member was already on stage setting up their own equipment. No roadies quite yet. The place was hot and crowded. I was soaked. After singing It's a Curse, Dan mentioned he was about to faint during the song. It was that hot.”

(I have a ticket to the M.I.A. concert the same day, so I'll probably be giving it away at some point, either as a prize on Urban Vancouver, or like the last time I gave away a ticket to a M.I.A. concert, which was to the cutest girl in the line for purchasing.)