With Any Method, Perhaps Multiple

Patrick after linking to Ted writing about Portland: “This is where we are supposed to tell you how much it rains in Portland. That's a tough sell this time of year... typically nothing but blue skies for weeks.”

Every time I've been to Portland, it's been hot and sunny. Except once, last year, during Rememberence Day weekend (the weekend closest to November 11th), when it was rainy like Patrick describes. The gutters seemed to be all clogged with leaves, making for large puddles at crosswalks. That's something worth considering when thinking about moving to the Rose City, since Vancouver doesn't seem to have that problem as much, and it gets more rain than it deserves during the winter. Yes, I'm strongly considering moving here, but that deservers a longer article in which I weigh the pros and cons as well as an investigation into making a move here long-lasting. With any method, perhaps multiple, I would be up-front about the desire to move to America. Some Canadian friends in the audience must think I'm crazy for wanting to move to the USA—thank goodness they think I'm crazy already—but this place appeals to me for severl reasons, which themselves deserve a full article.