Geek Season in the Rose City

Got back from the Portland Coffee House and dropped $7 on a $3 coffee ($4 tip, since the couple hours I spent there while drinking fancy coffee with free wi-fi watching indie girls go in and out was worth that much), having snuck away from my group to hang out there for a couple hours. I'm going to try to sneak out a few more times, probably late at night. Chances are I'll be wearing a Bryght shirt, so if you see someone wearing such a shirt, it's either a) me or b) someone with a Bryght shirt, since we have some to give away. If it's someone else, they're probably cool too, so you can't really go wrong if you're on Alder and Broadway and looking for a geek to talk to. This week, though, you probably won't have trouble finding such a person in Portland, as it's it's geek season in the Rose City, at least more than usual.