No Political Statement Other Than That Kissing Is Fun

This past weekend I almost decided not to attend the Metro Makeout party taking place on Vancouver's SkyTrain, my excuse being that because of the media attention, it would be attended by enough people to 'document' it. Though I didn't participate, I'm glad I went, and even took some photos of the event. (If you're squeamish about girls and dudes making out with each other, then there are better links to click on than that one.) For some background and photos, see the writeup of the 8 Hour Makeout as well as the follow-up of Metro Makeout by the event's organizer. Like I said, I didn't participate, the excuse being that all the people kissing were gay, which is of course bullshit because not all of them strictly identified themselves as such, so it was mostly squeamishness of kissing someone I never met. It got a little steamy at one point, especially on the way back, and the reactions of the onlookers was worth the price of admission (note: there was no price of admission, and no political statement other than that kissing is fun).

It looks like Roland is trying to give Vancouver the label "Makeout City", and though Jay has a lock on both the domain and the phrase, the sentiment is right. Team Makeout wants to give this city a kick in the pants, and their events, pseudo-secret up until close to when the event occurs, are steps in the right direction.


How many people actually participated? & swapped partners -- Made out with people they didn't show up with / know. How long did this last?

There were about 30 people there (probably less, but more than 20). Most people made out with people they showed up with, as I believe only two or three couples met for the first time. It lasted about 20-30 minutes.

What was the ratio of guys to girls there?

Slightly more girls than guys. Only one guy and one girl participating were straight, and they were boyfriend/girlfriend. The rest were bi or gay.

girls rule they are such great kissers and Im a girl