All You Need Are Kisses At Broadway Station

It's already in The Vancouver Province (when that link dies, check the scan of it on the organizer's LiveJournal), on page A2 of yesterday's edition, so thousands of people already know about it: at 6 P.M. tonight couples of no doubt all possible combinations are going to lock lips on the SkyTrain from Broadway Station here in Vancouver to Waterfront Station. The plan is to keep making out until the train loops back to Broadway. It's a sequel to the 8 hour makeout on Commercial Drive, which I first read about as a link in the Vancouver blogs section of Urban Vancouver. A couple days ago, I also saw the announcement that it would happen today, emailed in, and got the time and location of it, thinking it would be something that only a relative few would know about and that would be fun to "document". Evidently the Jason Botchford from Province got a hold of the info too. It's tempting to moan about the "mainstream media" broadcasting something that seems like it was supposed to be a surprise, but the idea and the slogan "bringing back first base" and the phrase "makeout artist" are pretty great. I still haven't seen anybody drop a reference to the phrase "all you need are kisses to start a makeout party", but maybe they'll use that for the next prank.